Some companies make dupes - that is, copies of shades by mainstream brands. If you don't want to shell out high-end prices, or you missed out on a unique limited edition product, you may be able to find it here.



Blanc Type = Bone from Silk Naturals (swatch here).

Shroom = Boom from Silk Naturals.

Slate = Brimstone from Silk Naturals.

Juxt = Charmed from Silk Naturals.

Sweet Sienna = Dolce from Silk Naturals, Sudowoo from Shiro Cosmetics (comparison here).

Seedy Pearl = Hint from Silk Naturals.

Idol Eyes = Idolize from Silk Naturals.

Mythlogy = Legend from Silk Naturals.

Moth Brown = Lurid from Silk Naturals, Knickers In A Twist from Fyrinnae (swatches here).

Satin Taupe = Mink from Silk Naturals.

Naked Lunch = Nekkid from Silk Naturals.

Vex = Nymph from Silk Naturals.

Parrot = Poly from Silk Naturals.

Kitschmas = Retro from Silk Naturals.

Nylon = Sprite from Silk Naturals.

Silly Goose = Slimy from Detrivore Cosmetics (swatch here).

Partylicious = Darling from Sugarpill (swatch here).

Blue = 1.22 Gigawatts from Fyrinnae (via Temptalia's database ).

Pure White = Cloud Coverage from Glamour Doll Eyes (via Temptalia's database ).

Melon (also Lorac Serenity) = He Loves Me Not from Glamour Doll Eyes (via Temptalia's database ).

Burmese Beauty = Dinospotz from Glamour Doll Eyes (via Temptalia's database ).

Carbon = Urban Trash from Glamour Doll Eyes (via Temptalia's database ).

Chrome Yellow = Buttercupcake from Sugarpill (via Temptalia's database ).

Gesso = Taco from Sugarpill (via Temptalia's database ).

Bare Escentuals

Cocoa = Tempted from Sassy Minerals.

Mint = Breaking the Rules from Sassy Minerals.

Leaf = Camo from Sassy Minerals.

Drama = Etcetera from Sassy Minerals.

Soul = Immortal from Sassy Minerals.

Tiger Lily = Intimate from Sassy Minerals.

Butterfly = Liason from Sassy Minerals.

City Lights = Logical Choice from Sassy Minerals.

Mermaid = Obsessed from Sassy Minerals.

Pebble = Perfectionist from Sassy Minerals.

Hay = Pucker Up from Sassy Minerals.

Bare Skin = Sarcastic Retort from Sassy Minerals.

Nude Beach = Sugar Daddy from Sassy Minerals.

Rocker Eye Palette = Modern Smoky Eye Kit from Silk Naturals (in the 'Kits' section, not the 'Dupes' one).

Urban Decay

Black Palette: Black Dog = Snow White, Baracuda = Kuroneko, Jet = Freya, Sabbath = Biker Chick, Cobra = Bastet, Libertine = The Randy Ferret, all dupes from Fyrinnae (find the comparison here).

Naked Palette = UD Naked Palette Clone Set from Silk Naturals (found in the 'Kits' section, rather than 'Dupes'). (comparison swatches here).

Asphyxia = Breathe from Silk Naturals (swatch here), Suffocation from Evil Shades (swatch here).

Bobbi Brown

Stonewashed Nudes Palette = Stonewashed Nudes Palette Clone from Silk Naturals (found in the 'Kits' section, not 'Dupes').


Habenera = Martian from Silk Naturals (swatch here).


Yukon = Koala from Fyrinnae (via Temptalia's database ).


  1. 18 = Flamepoint from Sugarpill (via Temptalia's database ).



Orgasm = Climax from Silk Naturals, Tart from Sassy Minerals, Hookin' Up from High Voltage Cosmetics, Captivate from Fyrinnae, Orgasmic from Sobe Botanicals, Nerdgasm from Geek Chic Cosmetics.

Sin = Carnal from Silk Naturals.

Outlaw = Forbidden from Silk Naturals.

Deepthroat = Lovelace from Silk Naturals.


Dollymix = Babydoll from Silk Naturals.

Pleasantry = Charming from Silk Naturals.

Love Rock = Cosmic from Silk Naturals.

Emote = Drama from Silk Naturals.

Hot Planet = Galaxy from Silk Naturals.

Grand Duo = Gemini from Silk Naturals.

Dame = Lady from Silk Naturals.

Blushbaby = Maybe Baby from Silk Naturals.

Breath of Plum = Pretty Plum from Silk Naturals.

Moon River = Stardust from Silk Naturals.

Bare Escentuals

Heaven = Carefree from Sassy Minerals.

Glee = Desirable from Sassy Minerals.

Heated = Warmth from Sassy Minerals.

Golden Gate = Impassioned from Sassy Minerals.

Clear Radiance = Old Friends from Sassy Minerals.

Thistle = You're Just Jealous from Sassy Minerals.

Pure Radiance = Pristine from Silk Naturals.


Dandelion = Petal from Silk Naturals.

Bobbi Brown

Mauve = Embrace from Silk Naturals.

Raspberry = Tart from Silk Naturals (swatch here).

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