Fyrinnae ("feer-ih-nay")


Fyrinnae is a fully vegan indie makeup brand. They are not a mineral makeup brand. According to the independent website from which they sell: "Our eye shadows are NOT the same as "mineral" makeup brand shadows. Most of those are a few colored mica shades mixed together on a transparent white base, or bulk repackaged colorants... We have always strived to create the colors, altering hues in out studio lab using different methods including high-heat treatment, and using deep or vibrant "bases" in the shades to bring out the hues and allow for more variation of sparkle/shimmer/matte." More information can be found on this page. They sell loose powder eyeshadow, glow blushes, highlighters, bronzers, powder primers and finishing powders. They also sell "Pixie Epoxy" a liquid, glitter-adhesive foiling product packaged in a tube.

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Lipsticks and Lightsabers


Makeup Withdrawal

Shiro Cosmetics

Karmic Dreaming

Beauty With Brains (Pixie Epoxy review)

Pink Sith

Garden of Shadows

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