Welcome to the Indie Beauty WikiEdit

It's dangerous to go alone! Take this!

The Sparkledex is (well, will be) a compendium of information about the indie cosmetics and bath & body world, created and edited by the community at large. From reviews to tutorials to educational resources, there are plenty of tools to help you cut through the confusion and get down to what's really important: enjoying sparkly stuff!

Why a Wiki?Edit

The online indie cosmetics community has always had its share of drama, but recent incidents highlight the need for a more organized way to access information than link-hopping through disparate blogs and forums. Some have proposed creating informal regulatory groups. While the motivations behind such efforts are no doubt well-intended, a monolithic panel of authority may not be the right way to go; even experts can make mistakes. Besides, one of the best aspects our community is its democratic nature: we all interact with and build upon each other.

The Sparkledex isn't intended to be an authority in itself, but rather a compendium of content that is normally scattered across the web. Anyone can contribute information! Admins only protect against vandalism and typos. The rest is for the community as a whole to decide!

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